The Alchemy of Awakening is about bringing all of our wounded and exiled parts into the loving embrace of our True Nature.

From confusion to Clarity,
From terror to Trust,
From suffering to Serenity,
From ego to Essence.

Many of us are longing for peace, stillness, spaciousness and a connection to the naturalness of our Being. However, with the complexity of our modern world, it is no longer possible to sit on a mountaintop to attain inner peace.

These days a more inclusive, feminine approach is being called for; to embrace and integrate all the exiled parts of ourselves. As we heal the pain, shame, fear, anger, and resignation within, we discover the gold of our Essential Self. As we allow our full humanity to be expressed, we awaken to the potential of our full Divinity.

The gift and opportunity of these challenging times is to use everything we are, and the life circumstances we’ve been given, as an opportunity to liberate ourselves and to awaken to our full potential, thereby becoming a more graceful vessel of love and compassion in the world. I call this deep Soul Work. We are being initiated into a whole new way of being, one that is more loving and compassionate, wise and mature.

In this way we can truly be the change we wish to see in the world. Having faced, felt and healed what we consider unacceptable and unbearable, we are able to open our hearts and minds to others, as we recognize that the things we judge are actually parts of ourselves, and the way to healing and wholeness is to say YES to all of it, unconditionally.

This is the invitation; to embrace our messy humanness, to love the unlovable parts, to bring everything onto the path of awakening.

In these increasingly intense times, we are all being called to awaken to higher levels of consciousness and deeper levels of presence. As we are evolving we go through many Rites of Passage, some challenging dark nights, and also ecstatic openings. I call these wisdom initiations. The journey of awakening involves radical trust in the face of intense inner states and constantly shifting outer circumstances. It is important to know that it is our own soul that is calling us to awaken now. Each of us came here for a special purpose; to play our part in this great unfolding of consciousness on the Planet.
Never has there been a more potent and necessary time for Awakening than right now. We are in an alchemical process that involves turning the baser elements of our ego mind personality into the refined essence of our True Nature. It involves going through the fire of transformation. This seems to be what many of us are in the process of right now. It is our own Soul doing this work. When we can see it and hold it in the larger context of a collective evolutionary shift in consciousness, we can see that our own journey is serving a greater purpose.

Never has there been a greater need for fully alive, conscious and compassionate human beings. Let’s do this for ourselves, our relationships, our Planet and the generations to come!

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

With Love, Rajyo