I have a big life. I have a lot going on in my world, not least is living in two amazing homes. One is in the countryside and one is in town and both are with amazing people. In my beautiful home sanctuary, in Hidden Valley Lake, we often have friends stay over when they come to visit the world famous hot springs ten minutes from here. I love having guests and the feeling of opening our home to people that crave a retreat-like setting to nurture body and soul.

Right now we have friends from Hawaii staying for several weeks while looking for property here. The other day I noticed my energy was low after being with clients all day and when I felt into it, I realized I had no juice for chatting with anyone. One of the friends staying with us is a real talker and loves to make conversation at any given chance. I noticed I was getting irritated and resentful and needed to set a boundary for myself. I was able, lovingly and clearly, to let her know that I am really an introvert. Although I love people, and can be fully present when I am with my clients and participants, my time at home is a time of deeply nourishing myself by going inwards and resting in silence. My heart and soul craves it after being with people all day.

This weekend, as if in answer to my prayer, no one is around and I have had the most delicious time of relaxing with myself, and enjoying the quiet of my own company. I actually don’t need to relate to anyone to come back to myself. I feel filled up and ready to take on the world again.

I know this is not true for everyone; some of us are introverts and others extroverts. The question to ask oneself is: do I recharge my batteries by being along or being in the company of others? Am I able to listen to myself and give myself enough of what I need to be my best. If you are an introvert, do you give yourself the time and space alone to come back to yourself? If you are an extrovert, do you spend your time alone and stuck behind a computer when maybe you need to go out and connect with others? As one wise friend of mine once said, “Never be with people when you want to be alone, and never be alone when you want to be with people.” Hmm, sounds simple doesn’t it? I invite you to take this exercise on for the next week. Really tune into yourself, in any given moment in the day, and see what your energy needs to recharge and rejuvenate, and then give that to yourself. I look forward to hearing how it goes!