Today is Presidents day in the US and even though I have no idea what that means, and am not that inclined to celebrate most of the Presidents that have presided over this countries politics….
I am aware that there is a hush in the air, a distinct lack of rush and busyness in the air. There is a silence that has settled on the morning, and without the normal human activity and static from the buzz of cell phone and internet activity, Nature can once more have its say, and who knows, some of us might actually be available to listen!
I awoke this morning as I am these days, at 5.00am and after showering and drinking my cup of hot lemon water.. I headed to my meditation room to sit in front of my altar. I am physically pretty sensitive and could literally feel the relaxation in the air, and was grateful to settle into a long and deep practice time, breath work, meditation and then Yoga.

It occurred to me that the times I feel the most nourished internally are when I can relax into Being (the part of me that does NOT have to do with Doing!) I call this the Vertical aspect of Life, the one that has us deeply connected to our roots and also opening to Grace , or our higher potential. I also refer to it as the Depth dimension of our Being. Unfortunately most people are completely identified with the Horizontal aspect of Life ( “where did I come from, where am I right now and where am I going?”) It is a life lived mostly in a linear way that is a function of the logical mind. If I do this this and this, I will get to where I want to be. We could call this the masculine area of Life, what we DO. The Being aspect of Life is the feminine aspect of who we are and it does not function in linear time. However it is equally important, in fact, I would say it is essential, as it has to do with the connection to our own Soul, the part of us that came from Spirit and longs to reconnect with that aspect of who we are. No matter how identified with the linear or horizontal part of our Life, we are, we all have a longing to know who we truly are. You may have felt it, when meditating, or watching a beautiful sunset, or an animal in its wild and untamed nature, or whilst making love, as you experienced ecstasy and let go of the confines of who you think you are.

Something else about this vertical/horizontal aspect of Life. If you find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted and having to run from one thing to another in your life, always trying to fit everything into an already full schedule. It could mean that the horizontal aspect of your life is taking over, and you need some time in the vertical. This is true of most people in this culture today, we have become completely identified with the material aspect of Life. We have so many messages of scarcity and survival coming at us all the time and this creates a lot of fear in the nervous system and an inability to relax, thinking that if I can just do more, produce more, then I will be safe and have my income/kids college fees/ retirement covered.

All these are valid fears and justifiable concerns but they keep us locked in a pattern of fear, scarcity and survival and unable to connect with the Being aspect of ourselves, where the deep nourishment, guidance and…TRUST come from. My deepest wish is that you can find a way to take some time out from your busy life, and do what nourishes you the most, and makes your heart sing….or brings you back to Silence, Love, Trust and Grace. I wish for you to remember the preciousness of your own Being.