I dedicate this newsletter to the memory of my Beloved Dad, Anthony (aka Ricky) Cunnington, who left this earthly plane recently in London, England.

I am deeply grieving the loss of my father, my friend, my fellow traveller on the path of love and Truth, my teacher and my guide in this life. I was fortunate to be with him during most of his sudden decline in health and at the end as he left his body. I am left with the scent of a great soul that touched my heart and my life in so many ways. He was the man I have loved the most for the longest in this life. He gave of himself fully in this life, always seeking to contribute what he could to whomever he could, and then leaving his body with such grace and dignity when he felt there was no more to give. His fragrance lives on in my heart.

My father sacrificed a lot to bring me and my brother up, acting as both my mom and my dad after my mother died when I was very young. He introduced me to great revolutionary teachers such as George Gurdjieff during my formative years. My father’s spiritual path and mine continued to cross throughout our lifetime. He introduced me to Osho when I was a teenager and he came to India later on to take Sannyas. He had a deep passion for personal growth and spiritual transformation, which was rare for one of his generation, and I am grateful that he instilled that in me so deeply. He was always involved in creating community wherever he went.  He loved life, women, wine and laughter. He could tell a wicked joke. A truly spiritual man, he owned nothing, but always knew he had everything, and that whatever he needed would be provided. He lived with a deep trust and let go with life. Even as he got older and his body became frail and his faculties started breaking down, he had such deep acceptance and surrender to life, softening and opening to “what is” as it showed up. He taught me that it is more important to Be-Do-Have, than to Do-Have-Be. One of his favorite things to do was to walk barefoot on the grass, which we did just before he died, even though his legs could barely carry him anymore.

Anthony “Ricky” Cunnington

Ricky wrote several books that were always forward thinking and outside of the box of the normal mindset. He created two brilliant and powerfully transformative workshops “ Journey to the Magician” and “The way of the Wizard” which he lead in England, South Africa, France, Italy, and Bulgaria. They touched many people’s hearts and transformed many peoples lives. He led his last workshop when he was 84, which I was proud to co lead with him. He was the inspiration for me starting to lead workshops 25 years ago.

So many gifts my father gave to me. I prayed as he died that if I could receive one final gift from him it would be to be instilled with his beautiful qualities of patience (not one of my strong points!), acceptance, surrender, trust and celebration of life. I feel him inside and all around me now, his spirit is dancing free of the confines of the body and I pray that he is fully liberated to continue to be a blessing on this planet to all beings everywhere. Thank you Dad for all the love we have shared and for your beautiful heart and soul, which I was blessed to know.  I am so proud of the incredible father that you were to me.
I treasure the beautiful memories of you and I miss you every day. May all children everywhere have the gift of such enlightened parents.

Contemplation: What is it you need to say to your father in order to feel complete and to honor the gift of life that he gave you?

“Death is certain,
the time of death is uncertain,
so what is important right now?”