As it is Christmas eve today, I am reflecting on the light of the Christ consciousness coming in at this time, and the amazing example Jesus gave us of opening to, living and walking as one with the Father /God. This babe that came into the world, as we do, so innocent and vulnerable, carried the light of Truth within him, no matter what happened to him.

I know as we gather together with dear friends and family, to share the love and reflect and celebrate, we are each able to soften the edges of our separate personalities to remember what is real and important.

2018 has been a tough year for many, with the sorrow and devastation of climate change becoming more real and apparent, to the ridiculous and horrifying ego centricity of the leaders in power that clearly care not one bit for people or planet, to the terrible ways so many are suffering painfully all around us.

We each have our own version of loss, tragedy, death and devastation.

In my own life, I have had my share of hardships, relative and first world though they may be. As I lie awake in the early hours, I know that I have a choice, to resist and suffer or to let go and allow Grace to guide me, knowing that even in what seems difficult and unfair there are hidden blessings unfolding.

I think this is the opportunity for us all, especially at this time of stillness and quiet, to let go, and let God; In the darkest hour to hold and honor our pain and struggle, and to offer it up to the light. To know that we are being given the particular circumstances and suffering we endure, in order to wake us up on some level, and to open us to what is real and true within.

I offer you this prayer:  Let me quieten my mind to see beyond my own personal preoccupations and preferences. Let me soften my heart to hold everything in love and compassion. Let me be fully embodied to be able to experience the full spectrum of this human experience. And, whatever I am going through, may it alchemize into a deeper awakening for myself and all Beings everywhere.

We each carry the light of Truth within us.  We each of us have a part to play in the Great Awakening wanting to happen in our world. I truly believe that the lessons and challenges each of us are being given is an opportunity for us to become stronger, deeper, wiser and more mature human beings, bringing a little more light into our world through our thoughts, words and actions. May you remember who you are at this time, may you rest in God and know that you are being held and guided, and may you hold yourself with loving kindness and compassion and live with dignity and Grace.

Merry Christmas to you…Rajyo