I took the weekend off last weekend. I turned off my cell phone, shut down my computer and gave myself a few days free of the technology. I didn’t miss it at all! And I was happy to say that I didn’t even need to take myself off camping or out into Nature to do it. My body thanked me for giving it time to tune into its own rhythm, my emotional body found relief from the onslaught of fear, anxiety, grief and frustration of too much information. My mind was able to return to and abide in the present moment, and my nervous system could unwind and settle into a resourced parasympathetic state of feeling good for no reason! My Spirits soared as I remembered the innate goodness in myself and in all of Life. I meditated, did my yoga practice, danced, pottered around the house and garden, ate regular meals, napped, and socialized in real time with friends; the simple pleasures of life. It felt so good!

digital detox


This makes me wonder why I get so hooked into the technological trance. The internet, which is supposed to save us time and make our lives easier; but which (for me anyways) causes no end of stress (am I the only one that can have a raging tantrum at the laptop, calling it all kinds of f….ing, bloody, $@*&***# arsehole names?) and costs me a lot in loss of peace of mind and overall well-being.

Now I am not saying it’s the internet’s fault, it’s my own over-usage of the technology. I don’t know when to say no, I can’t stop checking my texts for the 200th time in the day. Why? Because it sends that hit of feel good dopamine to the brain that says we are loved, we are wanted, someone is thinking about us.

But the other side of it is that when we have been pinged for the umpteenth time in a day, the adrenaline is pumping constantly throughout our system because we are never really able to rest, relax and settle without being pulled out and away from ourselves.

death and rebirth


When our eyes have been receiving too much retina destroying blue light, our brains are fried with EMFs, the quality of our sleep and deep rest is affected, and our poor bodies that are designed to be out on the land moving, are sat in front of the computer getting slumped out of shape, and our posture is affected adversely causing all kinds of secondary spinal issues; one has to ask….why are we doing this?

I am more and more convinced that we do not need the internet to give us what we think we need. I am sure that we can be happy and free and successful (depending on your definition of success) without it.

I am learning to reprioritize my time and energy. I consider time well spent to be out in Nature, simply listening to the birds singing instead of finding out what the latest thing our idiot president has said or done to destroy the environment, or destroy our democracy.

I am discovering that I can connect more deeply with the Spirit of Life and what I am being guided to do in the unfolding of the Great Turning if I spend more time out in the garden and listen to what Life is wanting me to know.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Turn it off! The FB, Instagram, Internet, cellphone. Give yourself a break! You don’t need it. It doesn’t and can’t give you true fulfillment.  I invite you to take a sabbatical, give yourself a day completely free of technology. You might have to go through a few withdrawal symptoms and catch yourself wanting to reach for the phone, but its worth it. Peace, joy  and freedom are waiting for you.

digital detox


To support you in disconnecting from the devices and reconnecting with your Spirit and Soul, I am doing a Digital Detox daylong retreat in September that will support you to find fulfillment in the present moment, without any technology at all. I do hope you will consider joining me. I would like to start a revolution of loving people saying NO to the Fake news and Yes to Real Life, in the Here and Now! Come join me!

Sat, September 14, 2019

9:30 AM – 6:30 PM EDT

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