Somatic Experiencing
Treatment of Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

All of us at some point will experience trauma, anxiety, PTSD or depression. Whether the cause is the loss of a loved one or childhood abuse; growing up with angry, abusive, neglectful, or alcoholic parents. In these times it can be the first or second hand experience of the trauma of war, violence, social injustice, and environmental devastation. Living with the burden of unresolved trauma is incredibly common, causing debilitating issues in our psyche and physical well-being. Collectively we are experiencing a field of trauma because so much of our world is in chaos and rapid change that our nervous systems are unprepared for and unable to adapt to. We see the effects of unresolved trauma in several generations of fragmented souls that are dependent on drugs and antidepressants—just to make it through the day.

Trauma disconnects us from our spirit and our body
Somatic Experiencing helps us reconnect and heal.

Trauma Healing and Somatic Experiencing helps the spirit return to the body. By using the body’s own wisdom and intelligence to renegotiate the areas that were traumatized, shut down and split off, the sympathetic reactions of fight, flight and freeze can be soothed. The parasympathetic response of tend and mend, rest and digest, and feel and heal, can be brought back online, allowing for a regulation of the overall nervous system. In this way, old traumas can be healed; what was too painful or frightening to experience can be metabolized and as a sense of aliveness and emotional resilience is restored. Through this gentle but powerful process, going at your own pace, over time you can recover your birthright of aliveness, passion and the ability to be fully present in your life as you regain your essential wholeness.

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