Meditation and Spiritual Retreats in Asheville NC
“In removing ourselves from our familiar surroundings and busy schedules, retreats afford us the opportunity to see accumulated habits of distraction and begin to soften them.” ~ Sarah Powers

We all have a longing to find a simpler and more peaceful way of life. However, without a way of disconnecting from the busy mind that is so distracted by technology and the fast-paced lure of our modern world, it is very difficult to listen to the “still small voice within.” This voice is the voice of our essential Wholeness which is always ready to guide and inform us. Through cultivating a relationship to meditation in a retreat setting, we are able to access the spaciousness within where we can witness the mind, rather than being totally identified with its constant chatter. Then we are no longer at the effect of the fears, projections, judgments, doubts, worries and anxieties, but can live from a place of balance and equanimity.


About Rajyo

With her vast background in many traditional and alternative meditation techniques, Rajyo offers deep and dynamic ways to move the body, clear the emotional energy, open the heart and quiet the mind, bringing you a sense of inner peace, true fulfillment and a sense of wholeness and connectedness with your Essence. Rajyo’s deep passion is to assist others in contacting the qualities of True Nature within, she will help you fall in love with or enliven your existing meditation practice. Read more about Rajyo here.

“It’s either meditation or madness.” – Osho, Enlightened Mystic