When we were young babies we breathed fully and deeply into our bellies; we felt safe because we were connected through our bodies to our mothers and the source of life. Picture a young baby lying on her back, arms and legs splayed out in a perfect picture of absolute trust, with a deep easy breath that flows effortlessly in and out.

As life, and its unfortunate but inevitable shocks, wounds, and traumas happened, we gradually learned that it is not safe to be ourselves and it is not safe to fully be here. So, we stopped breathing in this way. We learned to just breathe enough to keep us alive but no more. Our breathing became constrained and constricted. Our life force became less, and with it we felt less pain by numbing ourselves, but also less joy, less passion, less aliveness…less of everything.

What happens at the Retreat?

Through conscious connected breathing and a technique called Ecstasy Breathing, we can release the blocks and limitations in the cells of our bodies, freeing up the feelings that have been repressed, and regain our birth right of full aliveness. Through fully inhabiting our body with our breath, we experience our vital energy (prana or chi) more fully, our minds become quiet, we experience more joy, more passion and more peace, and we become connected more fully to the energy of life that all babies live and breathe.

Retreat Details:

Dates and Times to be Determined