A journey into embodying our Divine Humanity

At this time in human history, when the ecological crises and the social injustice are bringing our social systems and strongly held beliefs into question, we are being asked to make an evolutionary leap, out of the old paradigm of fear, control and separation, and into a whole new reality of love, connection and oneness with our True Nature. We are being asked to become the Divine humans that we were born to be, and offer ourselves in service to the new world our hearts all know is possible.

This is an awesome opportunity, one that invites us to die to who we have been, and to emerge as a WHoly new kind of human being. We have so much support from the light of consciousness and the Grace of the Divine.

As we allow our hearts to break open to the pain and suffering of humanity and the devastation of our beautiful Planet, we discover the depths of compassion that can hold it all. There is an inner resilience and a determination to make a difference that lives within each one of us as we move beyond our fear, denial and inertia.

As we hospice the death of the old, within ourselves and in the world, we can become part of the birth of a holy new way of being in the world, based on love, truth, freedom and our own inner guidance.

Everything wants to be liberated, even the darkness. When we let go of fighting the darkness, but embrace the shadow aspects within and without, we discover the compassionate embrace of the Great Mother.

In community and care, we come together as truly committed human Beings in a new experiment of Love, Truth and radical embodiment of our potential in this awesome time in human history.

Dates to be announced