Rites of Passage –
Reclaiming your right to an authentic Life

In our modern culture, we have sadly lost a sense of ritual and ceremony that ancient cultures once had; to allow for a recognition of an individual transitioning from one phase of life, or one state of being, into another. A boy grows into a man with no true rite of passage. A girl grows into a woman without a sense of turning into an adult. A woman turns fifty without honoring her wise “crone” self and tries to pretend to be young and physically beautiful again, rather than embracing the gifts of ageing. We have a society of “kid adults” who seemingly never mature.

Men and women alike in this culture lack the mirroring and mentoring of wise elders.

We see the effects of this lack of honoring everywhere in our world today, with so much disconnection, depression and anxiety reflecting a loss of Soul in our communities and our world, and a loss of connection to Spirit within us. The Alchemy of Awakening Rites of Passage are about healing ourselves on all levels, honoring and evoking the wisdom of elders, and then returning to right relationship with the Earth, our mother. This provides the possibility of us becoming the keepers of wisdom for future generations on this Planet. We need Rites of Passage for all stages of our life and transformation: for the transition from youth to adulthood, from Midlife to Eldership, as well as rituals to honor Grief and Reclaiming or who we are now.

What happens at a Rites of Passage Retreat?

In a Rite of Passage Journey, you may choose to do a personal initiation or in a group with others, where you are held, witnessed, and supported by the community. Rajyo is an experienced and empathic guide to help you release aspects of yourself that you have outgrown, allowing you to fully embody and embrace Who you are now. This allows you to step into your full potential and open to your true purpose in life, as it unfolds. Through the creation of a strong and sacred container of safety and support, you will be held and witnessed, enabling you to let go of old, limiting self-concepts and identities, and open up to who and what you truly are in your Essence. It is an alchemically transformative process that will move you from one state of being to another, radically shifting your sense of self and your relationship to the world around you. A Rite of Passage frees you to have a whole new experience of possibility. You are a magnificent and powerful being – endlessly creative and resourceful. All that’s needed is to open the door to your own potential.

Life Passage Ceremonies and Retreats

Rajyo facilitates Life Passage private and group ceremonies and retreats. Each are individually designed and tailored. They are powerful ways to consciously navigate major transitions in one’s life. She is dedicated to providing meaningful rites of passage ceremonies to support individuals in releasing outmoded habits of the ego-mind, and gaining perspective as you embark into a new phase of Life. In a true Rite of Passage, the following elements are needed:

  • A sacred container and context for the initiation, a glimpse of the grandeur and mystery of the Soul to help embody a deeper sense of wholeness.
  • Genuine sovereignty as a whole person with an expanded Identity beyond the small self into an identity as Soul.
  • The initiate claims a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to bring their own authentic gifts to the community.

    Life Passage ceremonies and retreats bring you into a deep encounter with yourself and the truth of who you were born to be. A Life Passage is for you if you are going through a life transition, turning point or crossroads—and you are calling in an expanded and fresh way of being in the world.

Are you ready to be more truly yourself? Ready to grow a greater sense of belonging and self-worth? Ready to find your Soul’s deeper purpose and direction in life? Then consider a Life Passage ceremony or retreat.

Retreat Details:

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