A Memoir by Rajyo Allen

Have you ever wondered if life’s challenges will ever change, and how you are going to manage to overcome and evolve beyond them?

Fumbling Towards Freedom begins with a tragedy: the death of Rajyo’s mother when Rajyo was just five years old; a moment which marks the end of any normal family life, but the beginning of her search for wholeness, truth and love. Her need for spiritual fulfilment leads her out of the dangers of heroin use and into meditation, yoga and a lifelong search for enlightenment. She finds her way to Osho, where she spent many years in the ashram in India and the commune in America, and paints a rich and colorful picture of her time there. While working on herself, she received a rich and diverse training in the psycho spiritual world, which she later brought to others in her innovative workshops, retreats and trainings.

We follow the author through each rite of passage on her personal quest, from her wild youth and many adventures around the world, to a maturing vision of what it is she is truly searching for. This book takes us on a journey to embrace and integrate all the struggles to find peace and fulfillment.

If you are searching for deeper meaning and purpose in your life, this book shows you that even in the midst of the apparent obstacles and challenges we face, there is always a hidden force guiding us on towards our destiny. The rough initiations we face can actually become doorways to our Soul’s destiny.

May this book inspire you to search for your own deepest truth.

Testimonials for Fumbling Towards Freedom

Rajyo’s racy account of her life’s journey on the path to spiritual awakening is raw, real, honest and vulnerable. Recommended!

~Deva Premal (Grammy Nominated musician)

This delightful story about the trials and tribulations of the spiritual journey reflects the struggles we all endure as we turn the slings and arrows of our destiny into wings of freedom. Blending spiritual insight with a fascinating tale, the author shows how the journey to enlightenment, peace, and freedom is never a straight line, no matter how diligent your practice. You will laugh and cry, but in the end this tale will remind you that whether in darkness or light, grace is always present. The simplest answers are often the wisest, but they can only be found in their own time.

~Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Eastern Body, Western Mind, Wheels of Life

Fumbling towards Freedom is a beloved companion for anyone sincerely wanting to navigate the promises and perils of a non-traditional path home. Rajyo writes with refreshing candor and honesty about the precious wisdom we can only retrieve from skinning our knees. This book is a gem.

~Miranda Macpherson, author of The Way of Grace.