I am excited to be posting my new website and I really hope you enjoy it. On this new site, I will be giving you valuable tools to live an awakened life. There are seven pillars that I consider essential. The central pillar is a connection with the Divine. I know that many of you reading this may not have a connection to the Divine, and of course many of you do, but let me tell you why it is important to me.

For me, my connection with the Divine is my connection to the vertical aspect of my life, beyond the horizontal, beyond the material and beyond the form of things. It is a very personal experience for me. For many years I have been a meditator, I began meditating on my first trip to India when I was just 18 years old, and since being in the ashram of the awakened mystic Osho and around many other enlightened beings, I have broadened and deepened my meditation practice. And even though I was around many other meditators, and I experienced incredible states of silence and bliss, there was something missing until I found my connection with my Divine. Why do I say My Divine, you might ask? At the Oneness University (which has been my spiritual path and guidance for the last 7 years), they say that man cannot awaken without a deep and personal connection with the Divine. They say that man has lost his unique and personal hook up with the Divine. That is why we have such a mess on this planet at this time…we are living through the darkest of times, the Kali Yuga as the Hindu’s know it. It is a cycle of 26,000 years and at the end of this cycle we will be experiencing all kinds of horrors and devastation (sound familiar?) as man is the most disconnected from Source ever. The good news is that the cycle is turning and we are once again waking up to, or remembering our connection with the Divine. Each one of us has a unique connection with the Divine, and we each have personal access to our own inner guidance. It is like being able to call up my own friend in Heaven that we can call on anytime.

It is available to us when we move from a mind-driven life to a heart centered reality, and when we “become like little children, then we shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven” as Jesus put it.

For many of us we have forgotten our divine destiny, that we should live as awakened Beings, and stewards of this beautiful Planet earth, our Home, and all the beings that inhabit the Earth with us. We are not meant to live such meager lives, staring at a computer screen for hours on end, and going home to watch more flickering lights on another screen for entertainment…or occasionally going to the Mall to shop to break up the monotony. This is NOT how us human beings were meant to live. We all have a glorious destiny; to live as Love in human form and to bestow blessings on this beautiful creation. We have forgotten who we are; the saints and sages throughout the ages and in all faiths have been telling us this forever, but we have been so lost in the Maya, or illusion of things, that we have forgotten who we are. It is as if we are wandering around in a dark room, with very limited vision not knowing that there is a vast mansion all around us, and until we turn on the light we cannot know the vastness that is available to us.

It is my Divine Guidance that reminds me that there is more, so much more to know, to experience, and to remember. It reminds me when I forget to come back to my heart, to listen within, to never give up, to be more passionate and committed to my own spiritual awakening and to the awakening of consciousness on the planet. It is available to me when I pray, and it tells me that it is there for me personally anytime, anywhere. When I pray, I know that this presence is listening, and responding, and incase I am in any doubt it shows me with small and sometimes large miracles. I have an incident recently that I can recount. I was about to leave for India, and I could not find my passport. I had searched and searched, in all the obvious places, it was not there. I was really worried as I was leaving the next morning for my flight. I prayed all through the long, sleepless night, “Please help me find my passport”, and the next morning I received the guidance to go downstairs and look where I and my room mate had been looking many times the night before. And there it was! Call it what you like, I know it was my Divine answering my prayers. “Thank you Beloved”, I sobbed. In these precious moments when Life seems to be responding to us, it may seem like a mere co-incidence, it may seem like a miracle; we could also call it the Divine Hand in our lives, coming to our aid. If we can let go of the form of our lives and the circumstances that appear to be happening, for better or worse and put our faith and trust in that Great Mystery, and be humble enough to ask for help, and see what happens. I cannot say I do this all the time, oftentimes I am also caught in the illusion, but when I do it, my life works so much better. I invite you to consider having the central pillar of your Life be your own Divine, and had things over to Grace. What do you have to lose?!