When my beloved god-daughter, Sierra, was just three years old, she used to stand in front of the mirror declaring “Aren’t I beautiful? Don’t you just want to take a picture of me”! (Its true she was and is extraordinarily beautiful and I did take many photos of her!)

I sometimes wonder what this insane craze about taking selfies is, when I see people standing posing in front of their smart phones. I mean, what’s it all about?

There seems to be a me, me, me epidemic on the planet, people are obsessed with this sense of me that needs to be posted all over social media. Is it because we really think we are so incredible and amazing that the whole world needs to know who we are and what we are doing? Is it that we have been so conditioned by the media to try to be someone special, like the stars that are so perfectly presented? Or is it because there is an inner emptiness and void that we are trying to fill?

My sense is that it is because we really don’t know who we are and we have a bad case of mistaken identity, thinking that we really are this body, this mind, this personality. Well I have to say that if you are on the other side of 40 or 50 and definitely 60, you will be coming to realize that this body will shrivel and wither away at some point, and no one escapes the ravages of ageing and death. This mind, with all its projections, is a very unreliable place to put our identity and this personality, this one that we may have spent a lot of time trying to fix, change, rearrange, is not who we truly are.

By God’s Grace, I have been blessed to have spent many hours sitting with wise beings and masters who have reflected back to me who I am in my essence. Although I cannot say I reside constantly in a place of wholeness, I know that it is in meditation that I come Home to myself and remember my True Nature, beyond the mind, beyond the “prisonality”, beyond the small self that I otherwise take myself to be.

This small self is full of suffering and stress, it believes itself to be the doer of its reality, it is laid down by a five year old who believes she is all alone and has to be the one handling life, and yet can’t and doesn’t know how. The further along

I come on the path, the more compassion I have for this little one, knowing she will probably always feel this way, but that she can be held by something so much larger and more benevolent. Call it Grace, call it God, call it Love, call it Existence. It is the fabric of Life, which is what I touch base with in meditation.

Meditation is a direct doorway to our True Self. It is an opening to the vast expanse of Being that is available when we step out of the very limited way of experiencing ourself through the conditioned mind. In meditation we come Home to what is real and true within us, and in all of Life. It is where the ego relaxes and we can let go into a sense of being held and infinitely loved, just for who we are, as we are. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just be- whole, complete, natural and free.

I invite you to join me on my 21 day journey into meditation. Discover or remember who you truly are and why you came here.. your Soul purpose.