We all want to offer and receive blessings for a Happy New Year, and may end up with disappointment that our new years wishes did not lead to the happiness or success we wished for.

Karmic Cleansing and Soul Purification

Last year was quite a year of karmic cleansing and purification, confronting many of us with some pretty deep, dark and painful stuff playing out in our relationships, work and home life, our health and in our personal life. Many of us dealt with loss, death and heartbreaking tragedy that we also witnessed in the world around us. It was a strong time and if you are like me, you’re glad that year is over now!

Although we will continue to experience much upheaval and chaos in our world, the predictions say that 2019 the energies will lighten up and we will be having a break from the intensity… which brings a sigh of relief to my heart…..especially as we continue to choose Love in the face of so much adversity.

On the outer level my beloved husband and I have had the intention to sell our beautiful home sanctuary in California and move to Asheville in North Carolina, where we found community and Nature that we love and a place that is more cost and climate friendly. And yet things did not move as quickly or as easily as we had hoped and I was constantly faced with my own frustration and fear that things would never change.

On the inner level I had a lot of letting go to do, facing some painful places inside. At times when it has been particularly hard to keep my heart open in the face of it all, I’ve been inspired by all those who are facing so many challenges in their reality, and especially the Tibetan monks and nuns who actually pray to receive suffering so that they may grow spiritually.

Wisdom Initiations

My wisdom initiation for the last year has grown me in ways I would not have chosen. I hope that I am softer, wiser and more compassionate as a result.

We are all being given wisdom initiations that force us to alchemize our awakening process, by being in the fire of transformation, and letting the nitty-gritty of our egoic selves be refined into a new consciousness of deeper trust, greater surrender and a more graceful way of walking in the world. This of course does not feel good to the ego mind that wants to hold onto its old ways, be happy, feel good and to be moving powerfully forward on the path of progress and success. But the Soul moves us inwards and downwards and at times backwards, into a deeper experience of itself.

If we are on the path of awakening, and intent on living a more soulful life, we are often being asked to surrender our will to the Divine will. This can be a messy, painful and difficult process, especially if like me you are naturally willful and want things your own way.

But I make this wish for myself and for all of us that are truly intent on being the change we wish to see in the world. As we see the harsh and destructive ways
of the ego mind that are being played out on the world stage, it is easy to fall into a sense of fear, numbness and hopelessness, or staying spiritually removed from
what is unfolding.

Reclaiming our Soul, Healing the Soul of the World

Each of us has a part to play, through our own consciousness, of transforming ourselves and our world. I believe it is all of our responsibility to reclaim our own Soul, and bring back the Soul of the world, the Anima Mundi as it has been called.
At a time like this when we seem collectively on the brink of disaster and total devastation, and the infrastructure of family, community and healthy society is breaking down, I see nothing more important than the work each of can do in learning to listen to what our own Soul is bringing us for our growth and “pruning.” From this place of humility and tenderness may we hold the suffering of the world and learn to bless everything and everyone as part of us.

So whatever wisdom initiations you have been or will be facing, I hope that you can say Yes to them, knowing that they are being given to you to grow you in ways you cannot imagine, and that you are playing a unique part through your own journey in the healing of our world.

Wishing you a Soulful New Year!…Rajyo

May you be at Peace.

May your heart remain open. 

May you awaken to the light of your own Soul. 

May you be healed. 

May you be a source of healing for all Beings.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

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