Rajyo Allen, CMT SEP

In the 25 years of working with clients and workshop participants, I have helped thousands realize their longing to live more authentically, heal their relationship with themselves, other people and life itself, wake up to who they truly are and find a deeper connection to the Divine within.

My Story

Since my early 20’s I have been exploring who I am and what I am here on the planet to do. I knew early on that I came here to play a part in the great awakening of humanity. I didn’t realize that it would involve such deep wisdom initiations. Getting lost, facing challenge, loss and heartache, letting go and deep grief, muddling my way through life’s difficulties, and looking for ways to live a more awake and heart-full life.

I lived for many years in the ashram and commune of the enlightened mystic Osho, and spent time around many other great teachers, masters and wise beings. I have spent many hours in intensive meditation retreats, attended many personal and spiritual development trainings, and I’ve done a lot of therapy! I have sought to embrace with compassion this mysterious life we are living in this time and place, with all its struggles and complexities.

In a particularly hard moment of my life in London, when it seemed like everything was falling apart, I was guided to begin working with women, and I created the Celebration of Woman retreats.

After 5 years of leading this ground-breaking work all over Europe, I came to America and, with a partner, created the Celebration of Being work for men and women (the Noble Man and the Radiant Woman and the Transformational Leadership Training  now corexperience.com). I have been honored to witness thousands of men and women heal their relationships through remembering the beauty of their own inner being

After many years of leading retreats and trainings I felt a deep calling to birth something new: The Alchemy of Awakening. It is my own evolutionary journey, and one that I am passionate about sharing with others. Never has there been a more potent and necessary time for Awakening than right now! It is an alchemical process that involves turning towards the exiled aspects of ourselves that may be living in the shadows, and bringing them to the light of our Being or True Nature. This involves going through the fire of transformation. This seems to be what many of us are in the midst of right now. It takes courage, humility, trust and surrender.

I know that I have a gift for helping others return to their Essential Nature…
and I also care deeply about our precious imperiled planet.

We are being asked to hospice the death of the old, and midwife the birth of the new, within ourselves and in the world. This involves much grieving as we see so much that we love and care about dying; it also asks us to step into a whole other level of awareness and compassion.

I am deeply humbled by the journey we are all on and blessed to be able to accompany others as they allow all parts within to be felt, healed and made whole and holy once more. It is time for a return to the sacred in our world, and we each have a part to play in that by remembering who we truly are.

I love supporting people to cultivate trust, courage and authenticity as they remember their soul purpose.

Wisdom * Compassion * Presence * Purpose * Depth.

Thank you for being here right now. Thank you for being the unique and beautiful human being that you are. Who knows, perhaps you feel a calling within to take the journey into the Alchemy of your own Awakening.

I am deeply touched by the transformation I witness and am in deep gratitude for my teachers, clients, and the life I have lived, both the things I sought after and the things I didn’t, that have brought me to a place of humility; bowing to the Mystery and offering myself in service to the Sacred in all things.

I am trained and certified in:

  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Grief Work
  • Trauma Healing/Somatic Experiencing
  • Ecstatic Breath-work
  • Dance and Movement therapy
  • Family Constellation work
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Yin and Vinyasa yoga
  • Many forms of Meditation

Core Principles:

I continue to do my own work. I look at the places in me that need healing, including the shadow aspects that need working on. I am willing to tell the truth about all of who I am.

I bow down daily to the sacred and spend much time in my meditation and yoga practice, remembering who I am in essence. I dedicate my life to the Sacred in all things and offer myself in service to the Great Mystery.

In Gratitude

I value your choosing to spend time with me as a huge honor. It is not an easy thing to live in a culture that values what you achieve more than your desire to be present in the simple moments, weaving beauty into your day. I sit with you knowing that who you are is deeply worthy and needed by those around you and all of life.

I trust in your wholeness and ability to listen for wisdom and truth in yourself and in the world around you. I also believe that we are not meant to struggle alone, and all human beings need to have people and places to lean into when difficulty and pain call for care and attention.

I offer a deep bow of gratitude to my beloved teachers, mentors, Masters and guides who have shone a light on my path and helped me become who I am today.

First and foremost to my dearest father, Ricky Cunnington, who was my first teacher. He introduced me to Gurdjieff as a young child, and gave me a hunger for the spiritual journey. It was his inspiration that helped me begin leading retreats. He remained my spiritual companion and fellow traveler his whole life, and continues to inform and inspire me today, teaching me so much about love, life and what remains beyond death.

To Graham, my dear brother, for his courage in the face of severe physical challenges, and for his huge compassion and desire to make this world a better place, through his music and activism.

To Osho, my Beloved Master, for being a wild and vast visionary of the new man and the new world that is possible. For the silence and the celebration that I experienced in his Buddha field, and the family that continues to nourish my heart and inspire my Spirit.

To Miranda Macpherson, for her teachings and transmission and for being a clear feminine embodiment of what it means to live in this world in a fully awake yet fully human state, with ease and Grace, elegance and Love.

To all the many teachers that have given me spiritual sustenance on this rocky road to freedom: Ramana Maharshi, Poonja ji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Faisel Muqquadem, Leonard Jacobsen, Sarah Powers.

To my beloved patient, kind husband Vinit, for being my rock in relationship and my spiritual companion in life, for your altruistic heart and generosity of spirit.

To all my clients and workshop participants, for your courage, trust and willingness to transform.

To a few dear friends, you know who you are, for putting up with me and standing with me through the hard times and seeing me and loving me into who I am today. You remain always close to my heart.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
To all the brave and beautiful people who stand strong in the face of hardship and adversity. I pray that your struggles and suffering not go in vain and that we will see the world becoming a better place for one and all.