“Rajyo, her work, her presence and her love have blessed and impacted my life in a way that is beyond words and understanding. To put it simply she turned my world upside down and my quality of life has been enhanced and opened by her radical clear seeing and heart opening tenderness. She called me home with her living invitation to be fully here, embodied, passionate and awake and because of this I remain indebted to her and in love.” ~ Gina Holland – UK director and facilitator of Celebration of Being

“Thank you, Rajyo, for holding me with so much love and tenderness, which allowed me to heal wounds I didn’t even know I had. But most importantly the Awakening into Oneness course allowed me to understand and connect with God in a very unique and personal way. My God is giving, compassionate, patient, and always there for me. This weekend has filled me with so much Grace.” ~ Shandra Lamotte – High school teacher and mentor for young women, CA

“The Awakening Course really did awaken me to my own personal Divine in a way I have never done or been able to imagine before. I now feel my Divine’s presence with me in a new way. The course allowed me to go deep into relationships that have formed me and uncover feelings I had not known I was holding. I have faith that this will allow me a new level of healing within myself and in my relationships. Rajyo’s commitment to us experiencing Divine Love for ourselves and for the benefit of the world was palpable and transforming in and of itself.” ~ Leah Rothstein – California

“Rajyo has made a huge impact to my personal growth. Before knowing Rajyo, I didn’t know how to fully be in the world and felt unable to trust myself. In working with Rajyo, I can confidently say I am a beautiful woman who is meant to share my unique presence with the world. She has helped me come home to myself in the Celebration of Woman Workshop. Her supreme guidance has helped me step into my leadership. Her ability to lead in a way that is profoundly wise yet presents herself as an equal to who she’s leading/teaching. Most of all, she has helped me discover and connect to my divine in a real and authentic way.” ~ Shanna Epstein – California

“It’s hard to express the depth at which Rajyo’s ‘Alchemy of Awakening’ has touched me.  I am a different person because of this. I recommend it to anyone seeking personal transformation and insight; interested in breathwork; seeking a direct experience of the Divine. I’ve come to trust Rajyo and her methods.  Without pretense and with effortless authenticity, she creates a ‘container’ that allows for true awakening work.  She doesn’t rely on gimmicks nor ‘showmanship’. She is fully present as the instructor – real and whole. Her simple and direct presentation allows even newcomers to experience profound connection and breakthrough.  I’ve experienced this myself and I have seen it in many others. It’s truly amazing.” ~ Newman Lanier – California 

“Rajyo is such a radiant soul!  The deep healing which occurred for me during the retreat has had such a profound impact on my life and I am so grateful for all the support and love! Such clarity in my heart now, and I have found my voice.” ~ Tess Owens – Psychotherapist, CA

“I have been working with Rajyo over the past 10 years as a spiritual guide and workshop leader, and I can truly say that she is one of the most authentic and inspirational leaders I have ever met. As someone who is quite skeptical of spiritual leaders, I am struck by Rajyo’s complete devotion to serving the Divine, and to being in service to those she supports.

“Her uncanny ability to see through the layers of the personality and to gently guide a person through some of the most difficult issues of their past are exceptional. She leads with tenderness and love and has helped thousands of men and women heal their wounds and open up to a much more vibrant life. I recommend her highly.”
~ Mary O’Connor – Business coach for entrepreneurs, CA

“I don’t have any words to describe the deep gratitude I feel for the deep healing I experienced that I will always carry in my heart.  So much Truth has been revealed to me; Truth that I have been longing for, for so long, and I want to thank you, Rajyo, from the wholeness of my heart for being an instrument of Divine truth and healing.” ~ Liliya Danilan – Health Coach

“Meeting Rajyo was a life changing experience! She is an A M A Z I N G Woman who I would recommend without reservation. She works is with the very best intentions for you and your highest unfolding!  Highly skilled and Highly regarded by All.” ~ Hazel Adams – Counselor, UK

“There is not a day that goes by where the beauty of Rajyo’s work does not touch my heart and improve my life. She has helped me to bring a beautiful balance to my life through a deeper appreciation of the divine interplay of the masculine and feminine energies. I have put down my shield, dropped my spear and truly opened my heart to the wonder of this beautiful world. Bless you for everything that you bring Rajyo!” ~ Tom Fortes Mayer – Founder & Creative Director The Free Mind Project

“In Rajyo’s holding I began to trust myself to expose in a way I hadn’t allowed until then. Something deeper began to let go, It was ok to be fully with my longing, fully honest and expressive. What a blessing and a relief. I have continued to follow Rajyo’s direction to several of the most meaningful milestones in my life. Recently during a course in India I was asked to reflect and give gratitude to the one who had introduced me to the oneness university. As Rajyo came to my awareness I expressed tender heart felt love and gratitude.  Now, many years later… Here we still meet, in the freshness, in awakening and in eternal gratitude.” ~ Dana Edwards

“What I got from working with Rajyo has changed my life. From the very first workshop I felt met; she had seen inside my heart and knew my longing. It is hard for me to put into words what this beautiful being has shown and given me.  She has a deep knowing and longing for others to see the Truth about themselves. Her love, compassion, wisdom, humility,  truth, insights and humor, is what I love, but most of all she is not afraid to show her humanness. I truly love this beautiful woman, and Thank God regularly for putting her in my path and for being part of my Journey. If you are thinking of working with Rajyo, I would say ‘Don’t think about it, Just do it’ and see what happens, Miracles happen!” ~ Julie Tanfield – Counselor, UK

“The ongoing work with Rajyo on the recovery of my healthy nervous system is a joyful meeting with my true nature. Rajyo is like a mirror to me, a reflection of what I am in essence reminding me of my sacred self. I trust her ability to be there in her full humanness and full Presence. Her immense skills mixed with a deeply knowing heart are slowly restoring my nervous system through attentive and care-full integration and the sweetness of Grace.” ~ Azul Thorne – Artist, Wild and Wise Woman

“Rajyo has been and remains one of my greatest resources. Her constant, expanded love creates a safe place to do deep, healing work. She is a mentor, teacher and friend that is persistent in her own spiritual enlightenment, as well as her own healing. Knowing that, it supports me in my own journey. Rajyo’s unlimited connection to the divine gives wisdom to every body of work she brings through. Her methods, style and love are like salve to a wound. ” ~ Kim Howard – Life Coach, NC

“Rajyo is so allowing and generous that even on the phone it is safe place to fall apart, look at the pieces in safety and rebuild from my center. I learned what I need to embrace in order to go forward. Also to keep stepping back to remember who I am and what is really true.” ~ Catherine Telford – Biodanza teacher, UK, Netherlands

“I am deeply grateful for Rajyo’s wisdom the teachings that come through so clearly I bow down in gratitude for the divine perfection that has come and continues to come Each moment that I ponder the darkest of hours that I was met with love and compassion right when I was at my last bit of sanity Rajyo was there with the eyes of the divine to meet me. I am now seeing that this surrender the edge of death itself is where life really begins again and again I am present to the pure channel she was for me in the healing of my soul.” ~ Paula Argentiera – California

“What Rajyo brings is like a shooting star in the dark. It’s like being lost at sea, waves crashing in the night, and all of a sudden lightening lights up the sky, and everything is crystal clear, and you see your way forward. Rajyo makes it so safe to be completely intimate and completely yourself. She works like a laser of love that goes to the exact spot that needs to be healed.” ~ Jewel Safren – LCSW, NJ