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Spiritual Counseling and Trauma Healing

Are you longing for a place to wrestle with some big questions?

Perhaps you have a sense that some wisdom is whispering to you from deep within….

Asking you to attend to old grief and stories that won’t be silenced, ancient longings, and recent wonderings about who and what you are now.

Is something stirring within you?
Is your Soul calling you to awaken to the truth of who you are,
beyond the fears and stories you tell yourself?

If you are looking for a loving presence to walk alongside you in times of loss, struggle, joy and celebration, I am here. With love, compassion and deep presence, I am honored to accompany you as you connect with your essence, awaken to your Soul’s potential, discover your unique gifts and the truth that you have all you need.

Meeting you from a place of deep trust in the power of love and the wisdom of grief, I support people to heal the relationship with their inner critic and to cultivate courage, authenticity and compassion.

Let go of who you think you should be…to become who you truly are.

Holistic Spiritual Counseling in Asheville

Individual 1:1 Counseling & Coaching Sessions

Transform stories that keep you small and old beliefs about your worthiness, develop shame resilience, begin a deep and loving journey of discovery of what your heart and soul most longs for. Take a courageous step into a new relationship with life. Awaken now to what you came here for-your true purpose.

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Meditation Retreats and Events

We remain wounded in separation. We heal in relationship to others. In sacred space we gather together to listen to ourselves and each other. Discover the wise healer in your human heart, through shared empathy and self-compassion. Be blessed by the power of your own vulnerability and reclaim your true strength. In communion with others we see reflected back to us the light of our own being.

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Spiritual Therapist and Holistic Counseling Services Asheville and Online


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