Couples Counseling in Asheville and Online

Relationship is Life. We are born into relationship,

and we need relationship to survive and thrive.

Yet so often in life, our relationships to our primary caregivers was damaged or insufficient, which impacts the way we relate to our partners, friends, and coworkers.

Added onto that the simple everyday stressors, intimate relationships can be strained, and major sources of stress threaten the stability of the relationship. As long as each partner is willing to address the issue at hand and participate in developing a solution, most relationship problems are manageable, but when challenges are left unaddressed, tension mounts, poor habits develop, and the health and longevity of the relationship are in jeopardy.

Many couples struggle with communicating effectively and
feeling that they are truly heard and understood by their partners.

Resentment, contempt, and an increase in the frequency of arguments tend to be signs of underlying problems that have been left unaddressed. Some common relationship concerns include financial difficulties, barriers to communication, routine conflict, emotional distance, sexual intimacy issues, and lack of trust.

Chronic relationship conflict or stress can contribute to mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety, for one or both partners. Relationship problems can also affect one’s self esteem and physical health or lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or anger.

Sometimes addictive behaviors like substance abuse, are employed by one or both partners in order to avoid confronting the source of the conflict.

Build Healthier Relationships With Compassionate Communication
So many of the problems in our relationships and in our world arise from a lack of skillful communication. If we want to heal our world, we need to set our relationships right. In order to do so, we need to learn a different—more effective—way of communicating with one another.

What we are all longing for is to be heard and understood
So much misunderstanding happens because we are not able to fully communicate in a way that ensures that our feelings, and needs are truly heard and understood. We often communicate in immature and irresponsible ways which push the other person away—hardening and closing our hearts—having the exact opposite effect of what we’re seeking, which is intimacy and connection.

Imagine a world where we are able to let go of our own position enough to truly listen with empathy and compassion to the other’s experience. It would end all suffering in relationships, all separation and all wars. While this global utopia may not (yet!) be possible, we can seek this level of clear communications in our personal relationships.

Through deep listening, empathic understanding and honoring of our own and the others feelings and needs, we can learn how to respond rather than react to one another. And we move one step closer to creating peace in our relationships and our world.

It is invaluable to have the support of a third party to help navigate the relationship dynamics when the ability to hear and respond with understanding for the other person has been lost.

Through Relationship Counseling you will:

  • Develop and practice the tools of compassionate communication
  • Discover new ways of relating based on mutual trust, understanding, acceptance and care
  • Learn to honor the differences between you
  • Own your own feelings, needs and boundaries
  • Create greater intimacy, joy and passion in your relationship

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