“Into the Mystery” Meditation retreat
A journey into Unshakeable presence and stillness

This retreat is an opportunity to return home to yourself, beyond the mind and circumstances of your life. Here we can rest in the natural great peace of our own True Nature, sometimes called Christ Consciousness or our Buddha Nature. In inner silence and stillness we may glimpse a truth larger than our self- definitions allow, the simple joy of our inner Being. In this place of pure presence, we find Truth, Peace and Love. On this retreat you will experience a real and tangible way of connecting with the hidden essence of who you truly are; your own True Nature.

What you will receive is:

  • Vast peace, inner stillness, and an unshakeable sense of Presence.
  • A tangible experience of who you are beyond the mind and conditioned personality.
  • The energy transmission of the Oneness Blessing and a direct experience of Grace.
  • Clear guidance on how to develop and deepen your meditation practice for.
  • Various meditation practices to help you awaken the kundalini energy and quiet the mind.