Gifts of Grace ~
Finding Peace, Presence & Purpose in Perilous Times
Online Meditation Class

Monthly LIVE MEDITATIONS, TEACHINGS, PRACTICES, and DIALOGUES to help you discover your own inner well spring of resources.

Are you tired of trying to figure out how you should be and what you need to do to try to have more peace, presence and purpose in this troubled, confusing and disturbing world?

Do you feel tired of constantly working on trying to fix what you perceive is broken, and to heal the hurt and wounded places inside?

Perhaps you feel a sense of disillusionment or apathy about ever finding true contentment, happiness and fulfillment.

On your spiritual journey, have you encountered shame, grief, anger, sorrow, hopelessness, despair, emptiness, groundlessness – that despite all the work you have done on yourself still seems to be there?

Do you still feel far from where you wish to be inside yourself?

Do you long to stop running, end the struggle with life, and return Home to yourself?

Do you yearn to slow down, come out of the inner turmoil and rest deeply in the arms of Grace?

Then you are not alone.

I invite you to join me for Gifts of Grace

It is time to let go of all the doing, trying, efforting, resisting, and simply let go and let God. YOU as a separate ego identity cannot “do” anything to find true happiness. But you can soften, open and let God bring you what your heart deeply longs for. Peace, Purpose, Fulfillment and Love are your Birthright. This is the Way of Grace.

Weaving together the wisdom of the meditative wisdom traditions and the empathic and emotionally attuned, trauma-sensitive approaches of depth psychology, I invite you to join me for a deep dive into doorways that lead you Home to your True Nature.

  • In this course we will be covering issues such as self-compassion, meeting trauma and our shadow parts moment by moment. Through the power of true meditation, a devotional practice and sincere inquiry we will begin to unwind the false beliefs ideas and identities we have carried about ourselves and the world; we will discover true peace, purpose and presence while developing unconditional self love and acceptance.
  • LIVE twice-monthly zoom calls with practical guidance and meditations, where we gather and rest together in a field of loving presence, compassion and spaciousness, and you can bring your wholehearted questions, challenges and issues to the table and work with them. You will also learn tools and techniques to help you in your daily life.
  • A 24/7 online support group with quotes, teachings and community dialogue plus other free gifts along the way.

I look forward to sharing this ever-deepening journey of opening to the Gifts of Grace over an extended period of time.

Our first live meditation together will be on July 13th. And don’t worry, all the teachings and meditations are recorded for you in case you ever miss a session so you can review them later.

What We’ll Be Exploring in the Upcoming Months Together…

Each month you will receive: fresh video-based teachings and guidance from Rajyo, plus the opportunity to meditate LIVE together with a virtual spiritual community, plus dive deep into the issues that keep us from experiencing healing, self-compassion, spiritual awakening, In the 1:1 sessions you will be able to work with difficult thoughts, feelings and patterns

Some of the areas we will dive into:

  • How to bring your spiritual practice to your most challenging experiences including grief, loss, heartbreak, and loneliness.
  • The nature of true self-acceptance; surrounding our painful experience with love and tenderness.
  • How to unwind the root cause of our suffering and struggle: leaving the present moment and self abandonment.
  • How to bring loving kindness and compassion to the most uncomfortable and perceived ugly places inside.
  • How to embrace yourself unconditionally, held in the arms of the Great Mother, seeing yourself through the eyes of God.
  • How to use the gifts of Meditation, Devotion and Inquiry to help you alchemically heal and transform every aspect of your life.

What You Will Receive from the Gifts of Grace


  • Exploring radical new ways to quiet the mind.
  • Discovering a form of meditation that is unique for you.
  • Integrating the formal meditation with your daily life.
  • Meditation as an ongoing invitation to bring curious attention into your everyday experience.
  • Moment by moment slowing down to pay attention to what life is offering you.
  • Finding ways to open to, rather than resist, “What Is”


  • How to use Prayer as a way  to support your meditation.
  • Discover how to drop deeper into compassion through devotional heart practices.
  • Find ways to soften and open in the midst of uncomfortable feelings.
  • Integrate and tend to each layer of your experience with loving kindness and unconditional love.
  • Explore how you can use your own suffering to tend to the healing of the world.


  • Explore and unwind core ego structures that are limiting and binding to who you truly are.
  • Learn how to question the stories your mind may be telling you and drop deeper into True Nature.
  • Use the practice of Inquiry as a radical and practical way to alchemically transform your experience.
  • Meet and provide a home for abandoned, helpless, and lost parts of yourself – including shameful, wounded, and traumatized parts – with presence, spaciousness, and compassion.
  • Integrate the shadow parts of yourself and truly embrace all parts of who you are into the wholeness of your True Nature.
  • Re-humanizing the spiritual journey; honoring our human wounding, blessing our flaws, imperfections and doubts.
  • Including the body, emotions, and relationships in the integral embrace of our spiritual practice.
  • Rediscovering true spirituality not as “getting from here to there,” but as deep alignment with the here and now.
  • Discover the amazing awesome mysterious Present Moment that is offering itself to you to be experienced and fully lived.

Bring the Gifts of Grace into the most difficult aspects of your life

  • Embrace the alchemy of brokenness and failure: loss and disappointment as powerful portals into healing.
  • Allowing the death of the old, both within ourself and in life when friends, lovers, jobs, purpose, and meaning fall away.
  • Letting the falling apart be part of Life, not trying to keep it together, but trusting the alchemy of dissolution.
  • How to turn toward ourselves during difficult times with tenderness, curiosity, and kindness.
  • Use everything as a portal for our own awakening.

“Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving, it doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times. Come, come again, come.” ~Rumi


Here is what others have said after working with me in a similar program: “Rajyo presents a wonderful meditation course. It had all the elements… Depth of material, professional presentation, command of the class and more. I was inspired to meditate daily, which I had been wanting for a long time. Rajyo had a magical blend of urging us to stretch our boundaries while balancing that with accepting where we currently are. She led the way with practical guidelines on a realistic pace to assist us in discovering our True Nature. I appreciate Rajyo’s energy and sweet spirit. It’s evident that she practices what she teaches and has so much depth and breadth of experience. I’m so grateful I took her course. Blessed Be.” ~ Marylea Dornseif, Realtor

“I don’t have any words to describe the deep gratitude I feel for the healing I experienced that I will always carry in my heart. So much Truth has been revealed to me; Truth that I have been longing for, for so long, and I want to thank you, Rajyo, from the wholeness of my heart for being an instrument of Divine truth and healing.” ~ Liliya Danilan – Health Coach

I am deeply grateful for Rajyo’s wisdom and the teachings that come through so clearly. I bow down in gratitude for the divine perfection that has come and continues to come. Each moment that I ponder the darkest of hours that I was met with love and compassion right when I was at my last bit of sanity, Rajyo was there with the eyes of the divine to meet me. I am now seeing that this surrender to the edge of death itself is where life really begins again and again. I am present to the pure channel she was for me in the healing of my soul.” ~ Paula Argentiera, Professor

Rajyo, her work, her presence and her love have blessed and impacted my life in a way that is beyond words and understanding. To put it simply she turned my world upside down and the quality of my life has been enhanced and opened by her radical clear seeing and heart opening tenderness. She called me home with her living invitation to be fully here, embodied, passionate and awake and because of this I remain indebted to her in love and deep gratitude.” ~ Gina Holland – UK director and facilitator of Celebration of Being

Rarely have I had the opportunity to learn from someone who is both a master at her craft and the most loving, enthusiastic cheerleader you can imagine. Rajyo is a wonderful teacher, a brilliant guide. I so recommend studying with her.” ~ Roth Herrlinger – Executive Coach