“Sitting silently, the spring comes

and the grass grows by itself,..”

~ Zen proverb

Sitting Silently is a guided Meditation to help you develop or deepen your meditation practice. With very clear and simple instructions from the Buddhist Tradition, it will help you to arrive and settle on your meditation cushion, focus on watching your breath and begin to become the witness of your inner experience. There are also two bonus tracks of music that you can use once you feel comfortable to simply sit and meditate to.

“This is another AWESOME meditation CD Rajyo, thank you! You have helped me take my meditation practice on to another level in only the very short time I have been using this CD. And the music is perfect! I find it so easy to arrive at a fully conscious yet still state while listening to this CD. Thank you for all that you have put into these new recordings, I am looking forward to listening to them for many, many mornings to come!” ~R.L.