“You are so weak. Give up to Grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave till it reaches the shore.
You need more help than you know.”

The New Year is rolling along, as time tends to do. I wonder how you are doing with those wonderful New Years affirmations? If you are like me it starts out really well and then things start to slide as the old beliefs, patterns, and habits creep back in. Good intentions alone are not enough—we have to take appropriate action and we need to engage the assistance of Grace.  

I recently had an experience of this in my own life. I have long had a vision of creating a retreat center; a place where people can come and tune into their True Nature and remember ease of Being in a natural environment. I was taken by surprise when a place showed up; beyond my wildest dreams, it was exactly what I was looking for- and so much more! Grace was showering! However, even though Grace was there along with my intention, I did not take the appropriate action to secure it in time, and went through much regret as a result. My intention to create that retreat center is now stronger than ever, and I know Grace is continuing to guide me towards that. The lesson was that this formula really works, that when we align our inner intention with appropriate action and call upon Grace to guide and direct us, we can be certain that things will begin to move powerfully in our lives.

I feel grateful to the Oneness University in India for teaching me the simple but effective formula for really being effective and empowered in both my inner and outer world. It is the principle of Intention, Action and Grace.

The First Step is INTENTION:

Intention is needed for any endeavor we take on in life. In order to manifest anything we need to be clear on what it is we want. The same is true on the spiritual path; when we align our intention with the Divine, amazing things can happen. We need to know where we are heading in order to arrive there; otherwise we are like a boat drifting out at sea, aimlessly getting blown around by the wind. Our intention is like the rudder that directs our boat in the direction we wish to go. It creates a powerful energy that draws to it all the support that is needed to have our wish happen.

The Next Step is appropriate ACTION:

Action is needed in order to create the right conditions for our intention to manifest; it is the fuel that drives our boat in the direction we wish to go. In our life, if we wish to have more money but we just sit on the couch all day and do nothing, or we wish for better health but continue to eat junk food, or we want a relationship but never go anywhere to meet anyone, it will not come to pass. Spiritually, appropriate Action involves becoming still inside and knowing how and when to move. This is also an important factor in manifesting anything, knowing when to be still and when to move. Either way, Appropriate Action is needed to manifest our Intention.


Grace is the element that comes from Spirit, or the Divine. It is the force of the Universe and it is always showering upon us. We often miss the factor of Grace because we think we need to do everything on our own. This is what the ego would have us believe, that we are an isolated, separate entity, functioning from an exhaustive dualistic perspective; me against the world. Grace is the missing link that reminds us that we are infinitely held, supported and guided. The more you become still and pay attention, the more you will notice the presence of the Divine in your life. When we acknowledge and are grateful for all the ways Grace is present in our life, the more it showers upon us.

Our intention is the rudder, our action is the fuel we bring, and Grace is the wind of the Divine that moves us in the direction of our highest potential. I wish you all success in expressing your Divine Self in your life, and in the world.


What is your intention for this next phase of your life?

What Action do you need to take in order to manifest your vision?

In what ways can you open to more Grace in your life?