Good Morning from Ramana Maharshi’s Holy Mountain “Arunachala” in South India

While traveling in India I experience the usual madness with all kinds of things going on, and going wrong, that one can only laugh at and accept, or get frustrated and infuriated with, depending on ones level of patience and inner equilibrium. Either way its a lesson in ongoing trust and surrender.

At the same time there is a sense of the sublime, where everything on the relative level is wrapped in the vast spiritual embrace of many Buddha’s, saints and sages that have walked this land since long before western culture was even thought of. There is an atmosphere of deep compassion, acceptance, and ancient wisdom that allows one to not take everything so personally. People have a deep respect and reverence for the spiritual.
Within the Leela of life, there is such richness, color, and strange beauty here that awakens memories in ones soul of walking the land free from the materialistic worries of our stressful western way of life. Somehow even in the chaos there is a sense of everything being ok, and even that there is some kind of divine order in it all, allowing me to let go more and more of any need to control or think I know the way things should be.

Its been wonderful to come back Home to myself in this way, remembering what is real and important, and that there are many other realities to play in than the one we normally consider the only one…

I watch myself getting caught in and identified with the mind, and the resistance to what is, on the one hand telling myself this is my last time in India.. and all the accompanying reasons why.. to relaxing and letting go into the present moment which is so rich, colorful and full of synchronicities and the gifts of Grace.
As I travel deeper on in my outer pilgrimage and inner journey, I am shedding more of my concepts about who and what I am and more of the “stuff” that in the west seems so important for my health, well being and peace of mind. I am remembering how little one actually needs to live and be happy. Meeting several old friends who live here in Tiru in the Grace of this holy place and seeing the different ways we all choose to live frees me from judgment or opinion about any of it.

Spending time in Ramana’ ashram at the foot of his holy mountain, Arunachala, where the great sage lived in two separate caves for 25 years, I am overcome by the incredible silence and spiritual depth of His presence that pervades the atmosphere. Even the street sellers and Indians are quiet and respectful in this sacred place. As the noise and madness of life in India goes on down below, sitting in the caves, on the mountain or in the meditation hall in the ashram, the cool breeze of pure consciousness fills one’s being and silences the mind and reminds me why so many seekers flock here to drink of the perfume of Ramana’s depth of realization that is still palpably alive even 70 years after his death. It is like plugging into an immense spiritual power socket of inner silence and peace.

This is the perfect way to initiate my inner journey. Now I am heading to Dharamsala for a 21 day silent retreat in the foot of the Himalayas surrounded by the Beautiful energy of the Tibetans. I’ll see you on the other side!

May your life be blessed with beauty and showered in grace, may your heart be touched with love, and may you offer yourself at the altar of inner freedom..

All Love to You, Always…