Hundreds of years ago you would have had a hard time convincing anyone that the earth was round. Everyone was living in the mistaken illusion that the Earth was flat.

Today we know better, Science has proved that the earth is round, as we so clearly see from outer space. And the mystics have something else to tell us, that our lives can also be lived on two dimensions, either the horizontal plane, which is all about linear time, and the practical aspects of our lives, or the vertical aspect which is connecting with the depth dimension of our lives, both the deeper depths and the higher heights. It is about living from another reality of connecting within that makes both our inner and outer world more rich, juicy and fulfilling. On the depth dimension, it is about grounding into presence, feeling into the depth of beingness in ourselves in each moment, and on the upward vertical aspect of our lives it is about connecting with whatever we consider to be our Source, Spirit, God, the Divine Presence that is always guiding and orchestrating our lives. I have found within my life that whenever the vertical is present I am hooked up and engaged with my Divine, and life is so much more alive and satisfying. If I am only living on the horizontal, dealing with the daily to-do lists and all the things I think I need to do to get me to where I think I need to get to, life becomes dull, boring and monotonous.

With the vertical in place I can continue to do all the things I need to in my life, but there are two places I am being resoureced from, both the depth of presence within me, and also my own connection with Spirit that guides and informs me. Are you living from the horizontal or the vertical aspect of your life. And what is it that you can do to get onto the vertical plane of your life? Here is what I can recommend. Take some time right now, to connect with your breath, take some long, slow and deep breaths, and breathe into your own presence, slow things down inside and feel into the presence of that is here. Also spend some time connecting with the sacred, whether that is in front of your own altar, or in whatever way you connect with Spirit, Nature is a great way to do that.

In this exciting time are becoming whole human beings, and being called to live our full humanness, and that means connecting with the Divine aspect of ourselves. I look forward to meeting you on the vertical plane!