As we head into the depths of winter, I noticed I was running around frantically trying to get my ticket, visa and everything else I needed for my trip away to warmer climes. I was getting swept up with the frenzy of having to do all kinds of stuff that I had no time or energy for. At a certain point, I finally said to myself, hey, is this really what I need to be doing right now? Is this really where I’m at? When I tuned in, I realized how weary I was because I had been over-riding myself to take care of other people and do the things that I thought I SHOULD be doing. Even going off to India, a place I return to again and again to get my spiritual and emotional nourishment, felt like a lot of effort.So I just gave myself permission to stop! To let go, relax, do nothing, allow all the busy-ness to subside and tune into the deeper feminine, more Yin aspect of myself. This is the part that so often gets overridden in this crazy culture we live in. Go, go, go, do, do, do, endless commitments, schedules and engagements that call us to be out there with our time and energy.

This time of year is really about going inside. In the natural world, it is time to hibernate, replenish and restore our depleted energy systems through retreat. When was the last time you gave yourself even a few hours of true down time? How about a few days, or even longer? It feels so yummy after the Yang summer months to curl up by the fire with a good book, or luxuriate over a steaming bowl of soup and go to bed early because it’s already been dark outside for hours and hours!

Permission just to BE, HERE, NOW. What a concept! And everything I really need is right here, in this moment, it’s as close as my own breath… when I am present. Right now, this is enough…the rain falling down outside, mother earth receiving the rain, allowing it to nourish her depleted soil, just as I am filling my depleted energy. All is in harmony, when we can listen, attune and respond to what is needed right now.

As for India? Well, my ticket is booked, the retreat too. I have my visa… and who knows if I will actually be going. Stay tuned!!