You might have notice it’s been rather quiet here on the site for the last few months. I have been away travelling in England and India. England is the land of my birth where my family still live. It was nice to spend a few relaxed and spacious weeks with them in January. India is my spiritual home and somewhere I return to again and again to receive spiritual sustenance and inner guidance.

I had resisted going back to India. Knowing that along with being a land full of so much spiritual richness, there is also extreme poverty and the sheer mass of people struggling to survive can make it challenging on the psyche, as well as the body. But my inner longing won out and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when I stepped off the plane. After many years of travelling there, it really does feel like home to me.

Mother India provided me with an opportunity to be held in the bosom of the mother as I wriggled out of the cocoon of my old self, beginning to spread my wings and fly into the new year.  I was grateful to spend part of my time there at the Oneness University, which is dedicated to the awakening of mankind. I went through three weeks of retreat there, experiencing powerful awakened states, and profound reconnection with the Divine. Many strong processes emptied me out of all that I thought I was and amazing meditations awoke me to the amazing potential within. I came away with the sweet and deep sense of the Beloved resting constantly within my heart. I carry that feeling back with me into my daily life and into the world. We don’t actually need to travel around the globe; we don’t even need to go far from home. The Divine is always within, and the place we need to look for the Truth is really close to home, within our own hearts.

One of the analogies the guides leading us through the course gave is that we freak out if we lose our cell phones for an hour. Yet, how do we feel that we have lost our inner Beloved, the Divine, for so long?  We don’t even think twice about it. Since returning from India, my love affair with the Divine is in the forefront of my inner world. My outer life is informed by the guidance from within and miracles of Grace are happening. I am passionate about inspiring others to open to Grace and experience more ease in their lives.

It is so close to home, we only need turn our attention within, The Beloved is always there waiting…