“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness,
the astonishing light of your own being.”

I recently returned from Costa Rica, where I was teaching yoga at Deva Premal and Miten’s “Lover and Beloved” retreat. It was wonderful to be with them and to be sharing my first love of Resourceful Yoga with so many lovers of song and silence.     I was so immersed in the joy of it that I forgot to take photos, but it was a lovely experience to be looking out over the ocean as we stretched our bodies into each new day. It was hot hot hot! I am happy to be back in the cooler springtime climes of Northern California.

As soon as I got back I held an Awakening of Love retreat in my beautiful home sanctuary in Hidden Valley Lake. It always amazes me how quickly total strangers can become so intimately connected on the path of Truth. Holding space for people to dive deep, with courage and honesty into the place within that are keeping them from experiencing the love that is at the core of each of our hearts.

The places that we normally tend to hide, repress or deny, the uncomfortable knarly places that we don’t want anyone to know about are exactly what open us to our own and each other’s beautiful human experience, with loving kindness and compassion. This in turn opens us to the vulnerability of our hearts deepest longing, to be one with the Inner Beloved, God, Spirit, Existence—whatever name you give the Great Mystery. This longing in turn creates an invitation for the Beloved to come meet us exactly where we are in our very human existence. In this way we come to know who we truly are, a beautiful vessel of Love and Grace on this earth, flawed and fabulous, wholy human and deeply Divine.

By saying YES to all of who we are, we become integrated and aligned with the higher truth which is wanting to move through us at this time on earth. I invite you to recommit to whatever brings you alive and connects you with your Divine Truth. Whether it is sharing some aspect of your messy human experience with a trusted friend, or whether it is spending time each morning in prayer and meditation. Give yourself space to embrace all of who you are and bring it onto the Path of Love
What is more important than this?

If you are interested in diving deeper in a Path of Love intensive, please go to pathoflove.org

Workshop Retreat participants with Rajyo

“God, as I use the word, is another name for What Is. I always know God’s intention: It’s exactly what is in every moment.”
 ~Byron Katie