I am just coming out of an incredible Awakening into Oneness retreat at my home sanctuary in Hidden Valley Lake. I was really nervous going into it, as it is always intense to hold space for people to go to the depths of their longing for God, travelling through the layers of separation between us and Source. And it blows me away that everything in our lives is a reflection of that core separation, our self worth, our health, our relationships, our purpose in the world, our finances, the meaning and joy we have in our lives, all of it is an expression of how connected or separate we feel from our innermost Self. So to hold space for that depth of inquiry and exploration, to see people’s minds opening and hearts cracking open is such an honor.

In Oneness, we talk about the need to set right our relationships. Normally we are all too ready to look at how others have hurt us. What touched me most deeply this weekend is how relationships get healed as we are willing to face the places inside where we have shut down to love and feel at the pain we have caused others. We are not normally willing to stand in the others persons shoes and see things from their side. But when we can do that, then the healing is radical, there is no more “Me” and “You” or “Us” and “Them” and a big huge ego on each side needing to be right. There is only the humble and hurting human heart that longs to love and be loved. What a different world it would be if we could all stand in the others persons shoes and feel the pain that they are experiencing. I love the Native Americans have a saying, “You can never judge another until you have walked a mile in their moccassins”. They also have a saying “All my relations” meaning that they see all of creation as a part of themselves.

Every man or woman, every child and elder, every animal, every part of nature, all an intrinsic part of us…and we need each other in order to thrive and survive.

So my invitation to you is to think of someone you have had some conflict or discord with and step more easily into their shoes. Just for a moment, let go of your position, and see things from their side, feel their hurt, pain, anger, or frustration. Really be willing to feel it fully. And as you do that, see if you can send them light and wish them love and healing. Notice if your heart softens and opens through doing this and notice how different your interactions may be from this place. If it feels right let yourself communicate with them. As one of my teachers said to me once when I was in a troubled relationship. The first person to get off their position, Wins! To the ego this doesn’t feel right at all, it feels as if we will be losing! However on the spiritual path, this is great success ! It is a great step in creating the world of Oneness we all long for. To all my relations, we are One!