The courageous step cannot be taken if you are worrying what others will think of you, if you are worrying about what might happen to you in the future or if you are more concerned with your bank balance and financial security than your own life. It cannot happen if you are not willing to risk and trust. It is a journey back home to yourself, into a greater alignment with your own soul and to living a life of more fun, freedom and potential.

I have been running the Celebration of Being workshops now for fifteen years with my wonderful partner and co founder Britta Eskey, and before that I created The Celebration of Woman-the Goddess” workshops with another amazing woman, Paritosh. The work was born out of a vision and a passionate desire to free women from the enslavement of conditioning and to help them realize their feminine radiance, beauty and full potential. It has been such an honor for the last 21 years to hold space for and witness women coming into their own power. It has also been such an amazing gift to support men and women coming into right relationship with each other in the Noble Man and the Power of Love workshops. I have been so humbled and honored by the courage, the trust and the amazing healing of so many men and women.

But there came time where I could not feel myself anymore. I have gone through so many healings and rites of passage myself in these years, too many to mention here, but needless to say I have changed. And in the last years I was noticing I was becoming a caricature of myself, and showing up automatically but without the same passion and energy that I had all those years ago. I kept trying and trying to find it, but I was feeling more and more drained and tired, not in the running of the workshops, which continue to be a joy and an inspiration to me. But in the running of the business, it felt more like the business was running me. I noticed I had no affection for the daily tasks I was required to do and the endless to do list I was waking up to each day was wearing me out.

In February, after returning from a spiritual sabbatical and an awakening journey in India, it became clear to me that I had come to the end of the road in the form my life was, and I had to find the courage to speak that truth in my business partnership. It was so scary to let go, to say “I am done” and yet when I did, it was so liberating. I felt like a kid that had been let out of school. I could feel the weight dropping from my shoulders, and I could sense myself coming into right alignment with my deeper truth. Finally my Soul, which had been gently calling me back home, could be heard.

I am happy to say that I have finally taken the courageous step back into my own life. It’s not easy to tell the truth to oneself, especially if it means letting go of all that one knows. Celebration of Being has been my life for all these years. My baby which I birthed 21 years ago has grown and is leaving the nest .. or maybe I am leaving the nest! I will continue to facilitate the workshops, which I love to do. But something else is calling me now. I am stepping into my life’s calling which is to share awakening with people. Awakening is a journey of stepping out of all that is familiar and comfortable and stepping out on the path of our Soul’s destiny. I am passionate about the possibility of humanity waking up to our true potential as God realized beings, stewarding a healed Planet in a world that works for everyone. It is so crucial that we realize our Oneness with all Beings at this time. This is my vision and my message and I am so excited about the journey we are all on…to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem! It will take stepping out of the current mindset into an awakened perspective. As Albert Einstein said: “we cannot solve the problem from the same place it was created.” So that will mean we all need to raise our vibration, shift our consciousness, and move into a new reality within ourselves, and in the world. And for that we need enormous amount of Grace. And I am so grateful and happy to say that we have that support now. So much is possible. I hope you will come with me on the journey. It is time for us to wake up from our personal and collective suffering, and to live in Grace within ourselves and on our precious Planet. Will you take that courageous step in your own life into greater harmony and alignment? What is it you need to let go of? What is it you need to step into inside yourself? I support you all the way!